Italian Club In Ybor City, Florida

Join the Key West Paranormal Society at the L'Unione Italiana (Italian Club) located in the heart of Ybor City at 1731 East Seventh Avenue in Tampa, FL. See Mapquest for directions.

The Italian Club was built in 1918 as a mutual aid society and was a lifeline for Italian immigrants providing medical services, hosting dances, organizing sporting and cultural events, even providing English lessons. Thousands have walked its hallways and perhaps some still do as many have experienced paranormal activity at the Italian Club including disembodied voices, unexplained sounds, cold spots, ghostly sightings and the sensation of being touched.
In the cantina on the first floor of the Italian Club there is said to be a spirit in the ladies rest room which turns on the automatic paper towel machine, and many have captured disembodied voices near the bar. Some have captured auditory whispers in the conference room annex which was formerly the infirmary where doctors treated tuberculosis and yellow fever patients during the earlier days at the club. One of the claims is many have witnessed a lady on the steps out in the foyer as she has even been nicknamed "Virginia", and in the old theater on the second floor and the ballroom on the fourth some have experienced problems with the batteries in their equipment and cameras continually dying. So bring your night vision cameras, EMF detectors and audio recorders and be prepared for an eventful night at the Italian Club.
Saturday, February 11, 2012 from 8:00 pm to 12:00 midnight
Donation $65 P/P -  Advance ticket purchase required.
Event runs from 8:00pm until Midnight - Registration begins at 7:30pm

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