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My name is Christina and I am Harry's granddaughter. He is visiting my daughter and myself in Texas at the moment, and told me about your organization and what you do for a living. I am a firm believer in the unknown and find your organization extremely interesting. I watch the ghost hunter/paranormal shows on tv frequently, and I have an interest in the international ghost hunting show especially. My grandfather gave me the address for your site and I started checking it out, and I just wanted to email you to let you know that I am impressed. My opinion doesn't mean much since you do not know me, but it is always nice to hear a compliment once in a while :) I love the foundation you created for your site, and I find extreme interest in the sound bites and clips you have posted as well. Very endearing for a paranormal believer such as myself. Keep up the good work, because the search for knowledge and into the unknown will never end for there are always new and unexplained occurences.

Dallas, Texas
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KWPS Letters
I watched the episode of the Catalina featuring you and your daughter. I was very impressed with you. Although your appearance was, in my opinion, far too brief. But the road to fame and notoriety is often unimposing. I predict big things for you and albeit, my tongue is somewhat stuck in my cheek, I would like to request an autographed picture of you. You have piqued my interest in learning more about the search for the unexplained. I have always known there is much more to our plane of existence than can be "rationally" explained. I have no special talent for the pursuit of the unknown. However, i do possess a somewhat morbid curiosity. 

Congratulations on your TV debut and I hope this will lead to many more interesting and challenging experiences.

Boca Raton, Florida

KWPS Letters
Hi my name is Sonia and I would love an autographed photo along with some information on your paranormal team. I have always have been fascinated with the paranormal and my mailing address to send your information to is........ Port Saint Lucie, FL.

Port Saint Lucie, Florida
I really just wanted to share my experience and inquire about my incident.... My Mom was actively dying in a hospice care center and I was very upset because she was suffering and had been lying for 6 days at that time. They had gazebos outside so my fiancee and myself were outside getting some air in the gazebo with nobody around on a sunny day and with no wind when all of a sudden a burst of air went across the back of my neck and by my ear, and said Suzie, my name is Susan. It was a male voice and my fiance' looked at me as i looked at him and I said did you hear that and he said yes. I said what did you hear and he said I felt the wind and heard a male voice saying Susie, any input on this would be appreciated...

Hudson, Florida
Thank you so much for your assistance and God Bless you. Keep up the good work in the ministry. I will keep in touch and thanks again.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
I hope that my email finds you well.  I just wanted to send an email to thank you and your team for assisting my father, well my whole family for that matter!   My father is doing about the same.  Your visit and connection with his family in his house, made a huge difference and gave him peace.   Cassidy, my daughter, continues to reside in my bedroom.  We all continue to have paranormal activity in the our homes.  We are somewhat more accepting of it and kind of “just laugh it off now”   We would not be at this point if it had not been for your wisdom, compassion and your generosity.

I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done.  I wanted to post something on the website.  However, I could not find where to do so.  

May GOD bless you Tami, you are an angel that was sent to our family to help in our time of need.   I could not mean that more. 

Harmony, Florida

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Just wanted to send you a note saying 'Thank You' to you and your friend for stopping by my place at  in Key West to smudge and evaluate.   I know you did not want any money, but rather, pass on the goodwill.  I will do so.

I would like to at least take you and your friend out to lunch for taking the time to help me out.  Please let me know if that would be possible, the next time I am in town.   I would like to know more about the Key West Paranormal Society, i.e. if folks can join, if you  have a newsletter, etc.  I really like what you guys do and would like to learn more about your club.

I have always been into the paranormal, but my knowledge was limited to what I saw on the television. This experience  now places paranormal in my life event category. 

Again, thank you.  I look forward to learning more about you guys.

Key West, Florida
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