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Paranormal Research
Paranormal Research
Performing paranormal research and approaching the paranormal from a historical research perspective involves researching various disciplines by employing on-line resources, as well as compiling records located at various museums, city municipalities and other county and state governmental agencies. This paranormal research is collected in a variety of formats and involves examining the archives of geological, architectural, zoning and land use, public records, and Native American cultural and historic resources. The paranormal research data is then analyzed and compiled to convey a clear understanding of the historical background on both the building and the property on which it sits. 

Anecdotal research of the paranormal involves conducting personal interviews with past and present day owners, neighbors, family and friends in regard to the subject property. An anecdote is based upon real life incidents involving actual people and real places. However, over time one or more of the stories may become modified and can convert those particular anecdotes to fiction, so the reliability and validity of the anecdote is totally based upon the credibility of the person telling the story. The anecdotal approach is not a scientific approach to paranormal research and investigating, nonetheless, it is a common approach often used but must be evaluated carefully with scrutiny and objectivity.

When performing paranormal research on a property, one must first understand that by analyzing historical events which have taken place at that specific location and combining it with the data collected from the property and the people who have lived there, that we are often able to draw conclusions to present day issues which are taking place.

Paranormal Research
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one must first understand the past and by analyzing historical events and data we are often able to draw conclusions to present day issues

Paranormal Research

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