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KWPS Team Photos
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Paranormal Investigators
Biltmore Hotel
Private Tour
Coral Gables, FL
Key West Paranormal Society  touring the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida in November, 2013 (Photo Left to Right: Tami Beckel, Wayne Carter, Mike Klarich, Vinnie Piraino, Peggy Vetrano, and Adam Levine)
Key West Paranormal Society holding an EVP Session at Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West, Florida in April, 2012
Key West Paranormal Society  Investigating with Special Guest WTMY Radio Show Hosts of Darkside Paranormal at the Italian Club in Ybor  City, Florida in February, 2012 (Photo Left to Right: Jason Kite, Rochelle Herman, Alejandro Del Valle, Gino Norman, and Donna Hablitzel-Vonhall)
KWPS Amber Kirik during a weekend investigatiion in Key West.
KWPS Amber Kirik
Before an Investigation
Key West, FL
Fort Zachary Taylor
EVP Session
Key West, FL
KWPS Private Investigation at a Dade City Horse Ranch (Photo Left to Right: Jacquie Velazquez, Mike Klarich and Rob Miller)
Team Down Time... Tami Beckel playing around at Mallory Square in Key West, Florida.
KWPS Private Investigation assisting a military family in Satellite Beach (Photo Left to Right: Shereen Simmons and Tracy Green)
KWPS Gulf Coast Division investigating at the  Arcadia Theatre in Arcadia, FL.
KWPS Investigating at the Boca Raton Cemetery for CBS Channel 12 on Halloween 2012 . (Photo Left to Right: Tami Beckel and Gary Widom of CBS Channel 12)
Tami Beckel investigating at the Palm Beach Maritime Museum on Peanut Island off the coast of Riviera Beach, Florida.
Tami Beckel during an EVP Session at the Orange County Regional History Center in Orlando, Florida.
Peggy Vetrano holding an EVP Session at the Robert The Doll Display at East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida.
Italian Club
with Darkside Paranormal
Ybor City, FL
KWPS Directors Tami Beckel and Mike Klarich unloading the equipment attending a full investigation in Dade City, Florida.
KWPS Client Care Manager Jacquie Velazquez on the set of Wheel of Fortune.
KWPS Managers Wayne Carter and Jacquie Velazquez attending a Home Blessing in Key West, Florida.
KWPS Gulf Coast Team at a dinner meeting n Arcadia, FL
Horse Ranch
Private Investigation
Dade City, FL
Arcadia Theatre
Arcadia, FL
Mallory Square
Down Time
Key West, FL
Military Family Home
Private Investigation
Satellite Beach, FL
Boca Raton Cemetery
with CBS Channel 12
Boca Raton, FL
Robert The Doll
EVP Session
Key West, FL
Palm Beach Maritime
Peanut Island, FL
Orange County History
EVP Session
Orlando, FL
Private Investigation
North Port, FL

Wheel of Fortune
Game Show Contestant
Miami, FL
KWPS Dinner
Before an Investigation
Arcadia, FL
Private Home
Home Blessing
Key West, FL
KWPS Team filming with Lionsgate in Coral Springs FL
KWPS Teama filming with Lionsgate Productions in Coral Springs FL
KWPS Team investigating the Artist House in Key West, FL
KWPS after investigating J.J.'s Doghouse Lounge in Marathon, FL.
KWPS Team Filming
Filming with Lionsgate
Coral Springs, FL
Filming for TV
Lionsgate Productions
Coral Springs, FL
at JJ's DogHouse
Marathon, FL
KWPS Investigating
At the Artist House
Key West, FL
KWPS Managers having some down time after investigating in Key West, FL
KWPS Ass't Director Peggy Vetrano at a dinner meeting in Key West.
KWPS Gulf Coast team investigating the May Stringer House in Brooksville, FL.
KWPS Gulf Coast Division in Arcadia, FL before the Arcadia Theatre investigation.
KWPS Amber & Peggy
Down Time
Key West, FL
Dinner Meeting
Key West, FL
KWPS Gulf Coast Team
Prior to an Investigation
Arcadia, FL
May Stringer House
Prior to an Investigation
Brooksville, FL
KWPS Amber Kirik playing around in Key West following an investigation.
KWPS Crystal Beckel interviewing with Lionsgate Productions in Boca Raton, FL.
KWPS Batmobile in true Key West Style.
Our cutest members, the KWPS ParaPups.
KWPS Amber Kirik
Playing Around
Key West, FL
KWPS Crystal Beckel
Interview with Lionsgate
Boca Raton, FL
Our Cutest Members
Sarasota, FL
Bat Mobile
In True Key West Style
Key West, FL

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KWPS Tami Beckel and Ernie Hudson of the original Ghostbusters at Florida Supercon.
KWPS Tami Beckel filming with the Ghost Asylum crew in St. Augustine, FL.
KWPS South Florida and KWPS Gulf Coast having dinner prior to an investigation in Arcadia, FL
KWPS Tami Beckel filming on the set of The Cataline which aired on CWTV Network in Miami Beach, FL.
KWPS Tami Beckel
with Ernie Hudson
Miami, FL
KWPS Tami Beckel
Filming for Ghost Asylum
St. Augustine, FL
KWPS Tami Beckel
Filming on CWTV Network
Miami Beach, FL
KWPS Dinner
Before an investigation
Arcadia, FL