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Key West Paranormal Society is a nationally televised Florida “non-profit” corporation. Our investigators are located throughout the state of Florida which allows for a rapid response to emergency situations. Each comes from various backgrounds and locations, and each shares the same desire to research and investigate paranormal activity. Our individual team members have his or her own unique talents and abilities to help ensure every investigation performed is of the highest calibre.  Contact us with your paranormal activity!



Key West Paranormal Society is committed to finding the truth, whatever that truth may be.  We exist to both prove and disprove the reality of all things supernatural. We approach our endeavors with open minds and open hearts, as we seek what is buried deep within the spiritual realm. Our goal is to shed light on both the possible and the impossible, all while treading in a place where the mind and body fear to tread. We are dedicated in our quest to investigating the paranormal, and hopefully we will arrive at the whole truth in the end.


We would like to welcome Michael DeCosimo to our Florida Division, Key West Paranormal Society. He will be acting in a management capacity over the Gulf Coast team. We expect many great things from Michael in the future and look forward to many years investigating together!


We have decided to close out our New Jersey Division, Atlantic City Paranormal Society. However, we still have a team in Ohio and a sister team in New York.

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Non-Profit Corp.


Key West Paranormal Society is a non-profit corporation and we can assist your family FREE-of-charge with your haunting anywhere throughout the entire state of Florida.

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Ohio Division


Our Ohio Division, Ohio State Paranormal Society, is also non-profit and can assist your family FREE-of-Charge anywhere throughout the state of Ohio.

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Military Families


We are always proud to assist all our military families with their paranormal activity and we thank you for your continued honor and service to this country.  WE SALUTE YOU!


Clients' Privacy


Exact locations and private information on our clients will never be disclosed to anyone without the client's prior written authorization.


New York Division


Our sister team, Eastern Suffolk Paranormal, is a non-profit organization and can assist your family FREE-of-Charge anywhere throughout the state of New York.




KWPS members not only devote their spare time to assisting families with their paranormal activity, but they also spend countless hours giving back to their own communities.

Around The World

Around The World

With over a million visitors to our site, KWPS receives emails for assistance from "Around The World". If we cannot come to you personally, we will help you find a paranormal team who can assist with your paranormal activity.

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