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Performing a paranormal investigation on a haunted house and approaching the paranormal from a scientific perspective, is difficult due to lack of physical evidence. By definition, paranormal is defined as phenomena that fall outside of science’s current ability to explain or measure. It is beyond the normal range of experiences and scientific explanations. Since it is beyond what is deemed scientifically possible, a phenomenon cannot be confirmed as paranormal activity by investigating a location employing the scientific method. Despite this issue, a scientific approach is still implemented on an investigation. Every attempt is made to discard reported activity open to misinterpretation or misunderstanding, or that which is an anomalous deviation of some natural phenomena. By utilizing both advanced scientific equipment and state-of-the-art software, we are able to analyze evidence of the unexplained to resolve a claim of paranormal activity.

Old Church Street Station

A scientific approach uses ghost hunting gear such as a variety of cameras to capture apparitions, orbs and heat signatures by covering the full electromagnetic and color spectrum. EVP recorders are utilized to capture audio anomalies. Night surveillance is performed by using infrared and video equipment. Environmental changes are identified by EMF detectors and temperature gauges. Motion sensors are used to detect the slightest movement.

A parapsychology approach has become much more common in investigating phenomena and is based more on faith than science. A parapsychological investigation involves the use of mediumship and an array of extra-sensory abilities to explore the spiritual, metaphysical, and psychological connections. These abilities can include messages coming through in the form of thoughts or clairaudience. They may appear as images in the mind or clairvoyance. Some may be felt known as clairsentience. This gift of feeling is also known as “empathic” and it may be a gut feeling, intuition, or an actual feeling or emotion. The feeling coming through often coincides with smells associated with the spirit. This type of ability to smell is known as clairescence. 

By combining a scientific approach to investigating paranormal activity with a parapsychology approach, we are able to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. We can assess the situation; complete our research on it; perform the investigation; analyze the findings; then resolve the activity in order to alleviate fear and misunderstanding of unknown events for our clients.


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