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Motion detection devices are a valuable tool in ghost hunting, used to detect any physical movement within a specific area. Here are some ways motion detection devices are utilized in ghost hunting:

Types of Motion Detection Devices

  • Infrared Motion Sensors (PIR)

    • Detects infrared radiation (heat) emitted by objects.

    • Commonly used because they can detect changes in temperature, which is often associated with paranormal activity.

  • Ultrasonic Motion Sensors

    • Uses ultrasonic waves to detect movement.

    • Effective in detecting motion through walls and other solid objects.

  • Microwave Motion Sensors

    • Uses microwave pulses to detect motion.

    • Can cover larger areas compared to PIR sensors but are more prone to false alarms from environmental factors.

  • Grid Lights

    • Emits a grid pattern of lights.

    • These grids are used to detect any disturbances or anomalies in the environment, such as unexplained movements or shadows, which paranormal investigators may interpret as potential paranormal activity

How Motion Detection Devices are Used in Ghost Hunting

  • Setting Up a Perimeter

    • Motion sensors can be placed around the area being investigated to detect any intrusions or movements.

  • Monitoring High Activity Areas

    • Place sensors in areas where paranormal activity is suspected or has been previously reported.

  • Data Collection

    • Sensors can be connected to data loggers or cameras to record the time and nature of the movement detected.

    • Some ghost hunters use this data to correlate with other phenomena, like EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recordings or temperature changes.

  • Triggering Other Equipment

    • Motion detection devices can be set to trigger cameras, audio recorders, or other devices to capture potential evidence when movement is detected.

Tips for Using Motion Detection Devices in Ghost Hunting

  • Placement: Ensure that sensors are placed in stable locations to avoid false positives from wind, animals, or other non-paranormal sources.

  • Calibration: Calibrate the sensors according to the environment to reduce sensitivity to non-paranormal activity.

  • Environment: Be aware of environmental factors like temperature changes, drafts, and reflections that might affect sensor readings.

Popular Motion Detection Devices in Ghost Hunting

  • Rem-Pod: A popular device among ghost hunters that uses an antenna to detect changes in the electromagnetic field and triggers alarms based on proximity.

  • IR Motion Detectors: These are common in security systems but adapted by ghost hunters for detecting movement in the dark.

  • Grid Lights: These are devices that project a grid pattern of laser lights onto a surface. The grid allows investigators to easily detect any changes in the environment, such as shadows or movements, that might indicate paranormal phenomena.


Using motion sensors in ghost hunting helps provide a more scientific approach to investigations, aiming to capture and analyze unexplained phenomena systematically.

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Various Motion Devices Used In Paranormal Investigating

3000 Lumen Round Aluminum LED Grid Light with Various Lighting Patterns

  • Super bright lights and excellent visibility in the dark

  • A variety of lighting patterns to choose from

  • In addition to the ultra-high lumens, it can be used continuously for at least 3 hours

  • The battery is rechargeable

  • Clip-on design

  • Includes the Grid Light, high speed charger, and flashlight LED Head

3000 Lumen Round Aluminum LED Grid Light

This Grid Light is equivalent to a 3000 lumen flashlight. You'll be amazed by the super bright lights and excellent visibility at night. With various lighting patterns, you can see a variety of different patterns, providing more flexibility when ghost hunting. This high performance, ultra-high lumens light can also stand by for a long period of time and can be used continuously for at least 3 hours.

The light has a rotatable LED light head and a tail button interface. Can be used as a laser pointer, or in four starlight modes. The clip-on design makes it easy to carry. The aluminum body is waterproof

The compact size is lightweight and powered by a single Lithium-Ion 1.5V AAA Alkaline battery which is rechargeable. A high-speed charger is included with this set.

4 Piece Light Up Cat Balls Indoor Motion-Activated Sensors for Ghost Hunting

  • 4 luminous 1.3" cat balls

  • Built-in soft LED lights

  • Easy to use, safe and lightweight

  • Built-in battery can last 24 hours

  • Safe PC material is free from any toxic or harmful substances

  • Transparent shell

4 Piece Light-Up Motion-Activated Cat Balls

This package contains 4 motion light up cat balls, with a diameter of approx. 1.3 inch. To use, press the button to blink and throw it to the cat or dog to play with. When the light goes out, it will continue to glow when anything touches it, no need to re-press the button. The motion activated cat balls have compact size, you can carry them in your pocket, and when you are camping and traveling, these balls can be good toys for your pets. 

Cat balls are small, lightweight balls that light up and make noise when moved, commonly used as toys for cats. In ghost hunting, these balls have become popular due to their sensitivity to movement and the clear, visual indication they provide when something interacts with them.

Cat balls are placed in areas where paranormal activity is suspected. If the balls light up or move without any apparent cause, it is considered a potential indication of ghostly presence. Ghost hunters often use cat balls to attempt to communicate with spirits. They might ask yes/no questions and request the entity to move the ball for a "yes" response. This method is similar to using other simple tools like pendulums or dowsing rods but relies on physical movement.




  • The

Briidea Enhanced Sensitivity and Temperature Anomalies Detection with Ghost Image Displays



REM-POD-EMT+ATDD (Auto Temp Deviation Detection) 
Motion Detector

  • This latest REM-POD version monitors a larger area and has 5 sensitivity settings

  • Alerts you with lights and sound in accordance to how close an energy disturbance is to the 360 degree antenna

  • Automatic Temperature Deviation Detection (ATDD) for every 5 degree change in temperature an audio alert and a visual alert is set off: blue for colder, and red for warmer.

  • Backlit top plate and bright LED lights.

REM-POD-EMT+ATDD Motion Detection

This is a must have instrument for every paranormal researcher. The REM-POD is one of the most famous tools used for ghost hunting, since it has been seen for 10+ years on the most popular paranormal TV shows and creating remarkable results. This is the latest and most powerful version - the REM-POD-EMT 2.0 with ATDD. It has a larger reach than copy cat REM-POD versions seen on the market.


The 360 degree antenna will pick up on energy changes that approaches the antenna and alert you with lights and sound alerts in relation to the distance of the disturbing energy to the antenna. The more lights and louder sound - the closer to the antenna is the entity. The sensitivity can be adjusted. There are 5 different sensitivity levels to choose from. The ATDD function stands for Automatic Temperature Deviation Alert. For every temperature increase or decrease by 5F an audio alert will be heard and a visual alert will be seen - blue for coler - red for warmer. The REM-POD has baselining buttons for the energy field disturbance setting and for the temperature. The top of the pod has a backlight so the device is easy to see in the dark. The antenna is removable. Comes with a 9V battery and a one year manufacturer's warranty. Made in U.S.A.

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